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Strive Wealth Builders Inc.

 A business club for Real Estate Investors
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The Founders

Detra & Gregg Harris

November 2014

Gregg & Detra Harris founded Strive Wealth Builders, Inc. November 2014 and Incorporated in December 2015. Money Talk Social, a meeting for members, was formed as an idea to strengthen financial independence values.  Detra was laid off work in July 2014 very suddenly after leaving a stable real estate firm to join a small group of private real estate investors.  Although devastating at the time, she learned soon after it was the best experience that could have happened. It was the boost she needed to focus her strengths on areas that will bring her and family financial wealth beyond employment.  Detra expressed her frustration to her life partner Gregg who as always provided support and insight to feelings of defeat in many ways. 

Together they knew it was time to make real financial changes in their lives.  Detra has always been a true entrepreneur and started ground level small businesses since 1990. One of her most successful startup businesses was Brick Housing Management, founded in 1997, in business for 10 years, employing more than 300 employees with average revenue of 4 million annually.  She is not new to running small businesses.

Gregg worked over 30 years in the airline and service industries following the dream of being able to provide for his family as most family men desire.  Gregg always worked consistently to represent his family in a positive manner and believed hard work through having a job was the key to maintaining a great lifestyle.  Gregg too was laid off work in June 2015 after serving many years as a reliable employee. Gregg knew it was not him but our economy that has failed tremendously.  More than ever, families are suffering and being misled by our government and media avenues.  Both Gregg and Detra frustrated with our economy and lack of job security, knew they must make life changes and soon.  They wanted to make this step, not only for themselves but for their families, friends, and community.  Gregg and Detra wanted to motivate others through self-improvement practices and Strive Principles has proven to work. 

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Strive Real Estate LLC Board of Directors

Tamala Barnes, President

Tamala Barnes is a homeowner who lives and works in Oakland, CA. She is also a real estate professional who joined Strive Wealth Builders in 2016. Her dedication to Strive as a board member and advocate has allowed our team to move forward with community projects in alignment with our mission and goals. Tamala continues to seek affordable housing projects that meet our real estate acquisition criteria and works to building community relationships with those in alignment with our goals.

Curtiss Sykes, Secretary

Curtiss Sykes is a business owner and real estate investor with several years of experience managing client relationships and business transactions.  Curtiss joined Strive Wealth Builders in 2017.  He is commitment and diligence to his personal wealth building experience which has inspired many Strive members to succeed and prosper as they move forward with their growth and life experiences.

Scott Isacksen, Member at Large

Scott Isacksen is a real estate investor who owns several apartment buildings and has spent over 10 years in maintaining multifamily communities. His experience has brought a perspective of long-term maintenance of a property and problem solving that comes from years of experience.Scott currently is overseeing a portfolio of rental properties totaling more than 620 units ranging from duplexes to low rise buildings.

Detra L. Harris, Member @ Large, Managing Director

Detra L. Harris, Managing Director. She is a Bay Area native, locally born and raised in San Francisco, CA. She is a multi-business owner, a Realtor, a real estate investor, landlord, property manager, and a mentor that carries over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry.  Her professional experience in the housing industry includes 30 years of asset portfolio management for large real estate investment firms and management companies. Her management portfolio includes over 15,000 units of conventional and affordable housing communities collectively, 1.2 Billion in asset management. She holds a HUD Certified Occupancy Specialist Certification (COS), Certified Multifamily Specialist (CMS), Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM) as well as a Certified Tax Credit Specialist (TCS). In addition to her candidacy for the CPM designation through IREM, she completed her studies in Business Administration at Laney College and San Francisco State University. She was awarded; Certificate of Honor City & County of San Francisco, State of California Senate Certificate of Recognition, California State Assembly Certificate of Recognition; Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, and several other local awards and recognition for her leadership in our communities.

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