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Strive Wealth Builders Inc.

 A business club for Real Estate Investors
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Atrium Plaza, 828 SAN PABLO AVENUE, SUITE 106C, ALBANY, CALIFORNIA (510) 833-2154

Real Estate Investing Starter Course

Jump Start Your Real Estate Investing Business and Learn the Basics Today!

This course is for new real estate investors seeking to start a real estate business and learn how to grow passive income through real estate investing.

ONLY $197

Includes; 3 - 1 1/2 Hour Sessions to get you started on the right track.

All Materials Included - Your part is to make the commitment today!

Facilitated by the Managing Director of Strive Wealth Builders, Detra L. Harris.  A 30 year veteran in this business!


Strive Real Estate Investing Kit

Enroll Today!

Strive Real Estate Investing Series



This Ongoing Real Estate Investing Series Includes; 12 Weekly Sessions; (3 month duration); Choices: Single Family, Multifamily, Fix & Flips.

This series also includes; 6 personal development practices (Strive Principles) and financial planning.

In addition; property tours, ongoing mentoring, and Deal Flow Mondays.

Get Started Growing Your Real Estate Business Today. Don't Wait. We offer reasonable rates so you can use your money for your first deal!

Installment Plans Available!    $100 off for Members


Cash Flow & IRR Training - For Advanced Real Estate Investors

Leverage your assets and learn how to forecast your cash flow and determine the IRR (Internal Rate of Return) for your investment properties. Tanya Nemcik, an Expert in Cash Flow, will provide two (2) training courses to get you comfortable with understanding these important tools and grow your passive income to create legacy wealth. If you are an advanced real estate investor with more than 5 investment properties, this course is a MUST. Enroll Today!

Wait! There's more, Tanya will also explain tax advantages of investments, cost segregation and employment analysis, and more goodies.  


JUST $397 for Strive Wealth Builders Members.

Not a member Yet?  Join at No Cost.

Join Strive Today!

The training course includes two (2) sessions included in your course fee - $397.00 per person. Instructions and login information will be provided by email after your registration has been received and processed. Please contact for questions or call (510) 833-2154. Refunds: You may request a refund up to 5 days before the course begins. No refunds will be granted 5 days before the course begins or once the course has commenced. Course materials will be provided at no charge.


"Detra took the time to understand all the specifics in regard to my particular situation and helped me overcome all the obstacles I was facing." - David Kamenesky

Strive Principles - Part I & II

Purchase Strive Principles Workbook Today!

Members Receive 30% Off - $17.49

(Members receive the discounted rate through email communication)

Book cover image

Strive Principles

Detra Harris


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$50 off Strive Principles Workshop for Members

Part One of Strive 6 Core Principles; This workshop(2 hr) session  will cover the first three (3) Strive principles; Sacrifice, Truth and Relationships. (Workbook included in fee)

Part Two of Strive 6 Core Principles; This workshop (2 hr) session will cover the next three (3) Strive principles; Integrity, Value and Education. (Workbook included in fee) 

“Strive” represents personal development and “Wealth Builders” represents financial development.

Strive 6 Principles is a six (6) month personal growth practice to keep one focused, motivated and committed to the personal and financial goal achieving process.  It repeats its cycle every six months and proven to be very successful.



50% OFF for Strive Members

Strive Wealth Builders has partnered with Gary Johnson, Johnson Consulting firm, to provide financial planning consultations to our members at a remarkable reduced price.  Members provide promo code at check out.

If you are new to real estate investing, having trouble managing your finances, wanting to improve your FICO score or to build capital for your real estate business, Gary can help you cross that bridge.  

Start with purchasing a quick and simple guide "Planning, Persisting and Prospering to get started and move into your first consultation with Gary.  Financial planning is a MUST DO - DO IT TODAY!


Pricing & Plans

Finance 101   $50.00

Credit Restoration   $75.00

Investing & Taxes   $100.00


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