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About Black Lives Matter

At Strive, we welcome and support all people from every walk of life, however, we cannot ignore the unfairness and devalue of black lives in our country and around the world.

It is mandatory to stop the racism and support policy change and law enforcement reform.  Protesting, boycotting and voting helps and is needed, however, that is not enough.  African Americans must take a stand to demand change, build their own communities, empower their people and control their own money.

In addition, they must know their rights and exercise the 2nd amendment of the United States Constitution to acquire firearms within the laws of their State. This is necessary to protect our families and loved ones from white supremacy targeting and killing our African people. We must fight back.

One of the many ways to take control over our own money is to create and maintain our own banks, schools, medical facilities, grocery stores, housing, farming and businesses.

This strategy is not intended to alienate our extended families of other races, however, it is necessary to build our communities which will allow us to collaborate and work with other cultures in a peaceful manner. We all know money is power.

Thank you for your support and we at Strive wish all people unity, for we are all children of GOD.



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